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We cater everything from small, intimate events to large organization events.

Need catering for your next church activity, business meeting, youth activity, birthday party, holiday, or other special event? Let A Taste of Class take your culinary needs to the next level, and free you up to focus on your event.

To schedule an event, call Chef Tim at 801-717-6600.

Ala Carte Options (recommended for large groups):Small (servings)Large (servings)
Mashed Potato$35 (35)$65 (70)
Tossed Salad$25 (35)$45 (70)
Baked Beans $35 (35)$65 (70)
Pulled Pork$80 (35)$150 (70)
Salmon$90 (9)$200 (20)
Ribs$80 (8)$150 (16)
Shrimp$60 (8)$110 (16)
Chicken Stir Fry$45 (35)$85 (70)
Chicken Thighs $35 (9)$65 (20)
Malibu Chicken – Ham & Cheese$45 (6)$85 (12)
Chicken Parmesan – Spaghetti Sauce & Cheese$45 (6)$85 (12)
Chicken Fingers$45 (35)$85 (70)
Chicken Alfredo – Alfredo Sauce, Parmesan Cheese$45 (35)$85 (70)
Chicken Fried Chicken $45 (6)$85 (12)
Catering Menu Option Prices 9/27/23
Single Meal Suggestions (recommended for small groups of six or more):Price/Meal
Ribs, baked beans, tossed salad, orange slices$12.00
Chicken (Malibu, Thighs, Parmesan, or Chicken Fried Chicken), carrots or cheesy potatoes, green salad$10.00
Baked Salmon, carrots, pickled cucumber and onions$12.00
Pulled Pork, coleslaw, apple slices$11.00
Club sandwich, chips, pickle, cookie, apple$10.00
Substitutions encouraged.

Don’t see what you want? Just ask for it.